Trends, mobile applications, and the internet – these are just some distractions that parents have to deal with, in order for their children to maintain or amplify their study habits. The challenge is to break free from these distractions and increase their children’s focus and retain their good study habits. These challenging times are your signal to start helping your children study smarter instead of merely harder.

To Study Smarter, Teach Them to Learn with Intent.

The biggest misconception that society keeps insisting is, that students should study hard but, this shouldn’t be the case. Students who lack self-time, playtime, and social interactions with their friends, just because they are required to “study hard” often end up being unhappy.

Unhappy minds and social life Unhappiness (?) can cloud judgment, decision-making, and psychological health. What parents, teachers, and their peers must insist on is to study well instead of studying hard. Studying and balancing social activities is healthy for children and their performance. Here are some hacks to try in order to ensure children are happy as they transition to study smarter:

Study Smarter with these Learning Hacks and Tools:

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1. Brain Training Games

Brain training games can let your child have fun while developing cognitive skills. This is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with them when they play these kinds of games, such as sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, chess, and even playing downloadable memory games that are created to support their developing brains!

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2. Getting Quality Sleep

Children who lack proper sleep tend to be less attentive, focused, and energetic. Humans need iron to sustain good brain functions. Studying till the wee hours of the night isn’t going to help your child to study smarter – they may be turning into a zombie student in class who is drowsy all the time! Help them manage their homework before bedtime and ensure they have a regular sleep routine.

There’s no doubt that traditional schooling is still the top choice for parents so kids can also gain people skills and friends. Distance learning cannot replace traditional classes but it sure is something to be considered especially during challenging situations or times.

If a family constantly moves due to the work assignments of parents, then distance learning is more reliable than breaking a child’s focus due to residency issues.
Distance learning will also give children more time to spare on other hobbies such as sports, arts, performing arts, and many more since education is right inside their homes. It’s also more affordable yet effective compared to private schools’ tuition and miscellaneous fees.

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3. Discipline and Time Management

Discipline is very important to be able to study well. Even though a child is smart, if he/she gets easily distracted, it will be hard to attain proper study habits. There might be things that a child might miss since their attention isn’t fixed on the task. Help them create a schedule for all the tasks they need to finish and guide them on how important discipline is in following such a schedule. Tell them that such practice will benefit them.

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4. Learn with your child

Finding time to help children with their studies strengthens family relationships and their confidence. Assuring them that they can do it because their loved ones believe in them, can motivate them to achieve their goals. Learning with your child instead of asking them to finish things alone will slowly make them realize it’s not as hard as they think. Instead of letting them read a book alone, why not read it with them? Be the storyteller and help them process things they do not fully understand.

Let Your Children Have Fun While Studying

Study smarter with the help of these brain training games curated to fit your child’s brain development! It’s almost impossible to get them off a gadget but if you will equip it with proper brain training games for them to enjoy, you’ll be doing your child and his cognitive development a favor.

Neeuro’s Memorie app is one of the most popular apps on the digital platform today. Memorie includes games that are infused with several brain focus improvement exercises to help them study smarter!

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