Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that affects a child or even an adult’s ability to focus well. Managing ADHD is hard not only for the patient but for parents and relatives, too. It may seem that people with ADHD are not listening but, the truth is they are struggling to focus and it may be beyond their control. The modern world demands parents to work harder to earn and provide for the family. However, there are times parents forget that what children long for, are not always toys, clothes, or gadgets. Children nowadays lack two things from their parents: time and attention. Money and other luxuries can provide a good quality of life but time and attention are what will hone a child’s foundation including brain development, social relationships, and attention retention.

When a child is diagnosed with ADHD, parents are not given a choice to avoid spending time with kids. It’s a struggle to do the parenting for ADHD children but there are now tips on how to manage it. There are also parents who are versatile and extra-loving that they do not treat their child’s condition as a burden but as a challenge where the goal is just hard work away. 

Parenting ADHD Children: What’s the Difference?

Parenting is extremely challenging but to parent  ADHD children is a whole new level of difficulty. Parenting ADHD children requires “extra” of almost everything. For example, an ADHD patient’s sleeping pattern must be consistent. Parents must also consistently show trust so that children will be more eager to focus on a task. Proper breaks, selecting boundaries for tolerable/intolerable attitudes, and creating a more “structural approach” of the assignment are also key in parenting a child with ADHD.

Parenting ADHD children is a puzzle. Love, family relationships, and believing that your child can surpass anything will help them cope up with their condition. Here are three simple tips for parenting ADHD patients:

parenting ADHD Children

Don’t Let the Disorder Control Your Reactions

Patience and understanding greatly help to parent ADHD children. Do not let the child’s condition dictate your temper and so lash out at the child. This may make the situation worse as the child’s lack of focus may worsen.

Parenting ADHD Children

Breathe and Take a Break

It’s important to communicate with experts about the disorder and have a support group whose members understand what parenting ADHD children feel. Do not forget to breathe, relax, and break free from the stress using activities that will distract you from the disorder. Take a stroll in a park on a sunny day, consider hiring a babysitter to fill in when you need to go out or have a relaxing bath with aromatic oils.

Parenting ADHD Children

Teach Your Child the Value of Patience

Parenting ADHD children involve guiding them when to pause. It will help them control their hyper activeness, encourage thinking before acting, and learning how to wait. Try to engage them in having a thoughtful process before responding. This is a nice way of making them think thoroughly and gradually develop their focus.

ADHD parenting is something that can be managed with extra patience, love, care, and understanding. It’s not impossible to improve your child’s ADHD through proper parenting and treatment. Remember that an ADHD child  must regain control of their attention and focus retention.

Parenting ADHD Children is now easier with Neurofeedback Attention Training

Neurofeedback involves an interaction between your child, the therapist, and an EEG device that monitors their brain waves. How is it being used in Attention Training?

Generally, a qualified medical professional diagnoses your child, and a therapist conducts an assessment. After the evaluation, therapists set your child’s training goals (called thresholds). During training, your child is required to keep the brain waves within or above the desired threshold, depending on the type of waves. Whenever your child performs for a certain period, let’s say half a second, he will be rewarded. The way the training is structured gives the professional data in order to track the progress of your child.

With years of development and collaboration with renowned research institutes and professionals, Neeuro has developed  a modern and fun alternative to your child’s ADHD treatment that may also give your child a head start to a sharper mind. Cognitive functions help with everyday life, especially academically. Having higher processing skills like selective attention, memory, and decision making aids in a better performance in areas that require high logical processing like Math.

CogoLand is a patented digital attention training programme based on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology developed through a decade’s worth of extensive research that improves attention in children.  Have the means to train an essential learning skill! By using a fun and interactive game to help solve your children’s biggest issues with attention!

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