Even with the challenges we face in life, they serve to be our motivation to become the best version of ourselves. There are famous people with ADHD. Who live their lives with attention deficit, and yet end up becoming very productive and successful in life. The conditions they live with have helped them become creative, innovative influencers with active imaginations.

It turns out that life is not doomed to fail when graced with a deficit. Instead, it opens the path to success. This article lists some of the famous people with claims of having ADHD. Others, are suspected to have it, as well due to observable behavior.


Many Athletes are Famous People with ADHD!

Most people in sports excel with a lot of energy focused on their sportsmanship. With the energy these famous people with ADHD have, they surely have accomplished a lot:


Michael Phelps

michael phelps adhd

It’s interesting to hear that an Olympic champion in swimming has been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9, years before his ultimate success in his sport. His mother encouraged him to swim and read sports pages from the newspaper. It’s her way of keeping him motivated, which he says had helped him develop concentration and self-discipline in overcoming challenges. He has earned 22 Olympic medals. The most medals an athlete has ever had.


Simone Biles

simon biles adhd

An Olympic champion from the US named, Simone Biles had announced her ADHD diagnosis on Twitter to express to the world about the condition she’s been facing. Simone claims to have had the condition since childhood. But, it didn’t hinder her from being the gymnastics powerhouse. She won the all-around Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Michael Jordan

michael jordan adhd

Said to have been diagnosed with ADHD, Michael Jordan became the greatest of all time in sports basketball league. The success he had gone beyond sports to business as he earned more than his fellow teammates through endorsements and investments. A common trait that people with ADHD have is being able to juggle more than one activity. Michael Jordan was able to perform a lot of activities at once due to his condition.


A lot of Music Artists are Famous People with ADHD!

In the music industry, ADHD is also present among artists. This helps them maintain and create effectively and energetically. A pool of ideas needs to be made to create something, though the focus is needed to be able to carry on plans.


Justin Timberlake

Famous People with ADHD

Justin Timberlake has been said to be diagnosed with ADHD. This helped him with his success in his career. Other celebrities with ADHD claim that the condition has contributed to their success. They say that the challenges they have with ADHD helped them become successful individuals. Grammy-winning singer and actor Timberlake says: “I have OCD mixed with ADD.”



will.i.am adhd

Another talented artist, Will.i.am has claimed that music helps him deal with his ADHD.  His mind constantly moves. A fast-thinker, indeed. That experience is good for his craft and his career. He admits he can’t settle for an ordinary job since the traits he possesses work well with creative pursuits. Music is his therapy and it keeps his mind under his own control.


Adam Levine

adam levine adhd

Who would’ve known that Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s frontman, has been having difficulties in focusing and being quiet. He had trouble working on his homework during his childhood. Making music was a challenge for Adam as an adult, causing issues in his career. He took the steps to treating adult ADHD with a doctor he consulted with.


Kanye West

kanye west adhd christian

Kim Kardashian’s artistic husband had an issue with his mental health. He recently got hospitalized after his last concert. A few days later he went to meet with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, for an important meeting. West’s behavior at the White House meeting was erratic, as he rambled on during the gathering which featured a lot of unrelated points.


Some Successful Movie Actors are Famous People with ADHD


Channing Tatum

channing tatum adhd

One of the many widely recognized celebrities in Hollywood. He also shares the same struggles with other famous people diagnosed with ADHD. He has had it since childhood and continually works through the difficulties of having this condition as an adult. His ADHD has not stopped him from starring top-grossing movies. Channing Tatum continues to be a box office superstar!

Will Smith

will smith adhd

Growing up, Will Smith admitted that he was the “fun one who had trouble paying attention”. Although left undiagnosed as a child, he mentioned that he would have been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. With multiple careers, Will Smith has proven that he’s not one to focus on a single career path.


Influencers/Entrepreneurs are Famous People with ADHD!


Ty Pennington

ty pennington adhd

Ty Pennington is one of the famous people with ADHD with a career in home repair, broadcasted on TV. A guru in home repair, he was very hyper as a child, and says he was given antihistamines to make him drowsy so he’d calm down in school. As expected to be impulsive and distracted, he was also very creative. Ty Pennington began to work with tools to pay his way through his pursuit for artistic endeavors. As an adult with ADHD medication now controls his symptoms. Ty Pennington also became a spokesman for the company that manufactures medicine for ADHD.


David Neeleman, aviation entrepreneur

David Neeleman adhd

David Neeleman only discovered he had adult ADHD during his 30s. Late diagnosis of his condition, he disclosed it on CNN. Having adult ADHD didn’t hinder him from establishing three commercial airline companies. Instead, David attributes much of his success to having ADHD, giving him the ability to think outside the box.


Politicians are Powerful and Famous People Diagnosed or believed to have ADHD!


John F. Kennedy

john f. kennedy adhd

The United States’s 35th president, JFK, had dyslexia though some scholars believe he may have had ADHD as well. He may have had struggled in school but still remained determined in becoming really successful in whatever field he wanted to excel in.


Donald Trump

donald trump adhdU.S. President, Donald Trump, is suspected to have ADHD as a lot of people describe him to be fidgety, with a lot on his plate as the country’s leading politician. Though he may have other presenting mental health problems as well. Though this might be entirely wrong, what’s observable now more than ever before is that his attention span considerably decreased while engaging in work as well as speech pattern becoming more peculiar.


Famous People with ADHD and Winning in Life

These famous people with ADHD or suspected to have ADHD have unique coping capabilities to be in control over their condition. Some of them do refuse to take medication.  It is striking that, just about every famous person who has gone public with a diagnosis seems averse to medicinal treatment. Some claim that it reduces their energy and has made them tired all the time. Other famous personalities take to music as their therapy like Will.i.am.

Others have avoided medication due to the effects of the medicine changing their willpower into the normal dose of energy most of us live for that seems lacking to them.

The intention of medicine for ADHD is to lower levels of hyperactivity to retain a certain level of manageable energy. Yet, medicinal treatment also has its drawbacks and side effects on people who use them consistently. You might not want to take in this option due to undesirable effects. Those with ADHD can still be focused with their intense energy through working on their concentration and intention on fulfilling a certain objective.


Brain Training to Combat ADHD

One of the ways to do so is to train the mind is to keep it to a certain level of being active and yet focused. A brain training game called, Psychic Cyclist,  helps us to focus all throughout its challenges. This is a game that interacts directly with the SenzeBand through a BCI system using brainwave sensors. It trains us to wield our power to focus on our own volition rather than trusting the external factors around us to get us to focus.

Aiming to focus as a way to take control over the health condition helps us harness the energy it gives to do the work we’d like to perform at out best. If you’re looking to improve your focus in carrying on daily tasks, you can download the Memorie app. Memorie, contains the game, now available in Google Play Store for tablet devices and Android mobile phone devices, with its iPhone version coming soon.


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