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There Is A Rising Global Demand In Brain Fitness

The demand for brain fitness has risen due to the increase in the awareness of ADHD/ADD, learning disorders, memory loss, brain injuries and many others. The demand for brain fitness has risen with parents being concerned about the brain development of their children.


Cognitive assessment and training industry is expected to grow to US$8.06 billion by 2021.


Therapeutic treatment market is expected to raise its worth to US$25 billion by 2024.


The driver safety and fatigue market are projected to reach US$3.2 billion by 2025.

Anxiety Disorder & Depression

This market is expected to be US$18.3 billion worth by 2025.


Stroke management market is expected to grow and reach US$36.7 billion by 2023.


The global education market is expected to grow to US$40 billion by 2022.

Science-Based Brain Training Technology

Our core products offer an advanced method of brain training and precision in monitoring cognitive performance.

The SenzeBand is a non-invasive EEG headband that safely measures brain signals. It is worn while playing Neeuro’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) based Android and iOS apps designed to increase mental performance.

Neeuro’s Brain Training Apps ensure that you are provided with an accurate way to track your brain fitness. Instead of simply measuring your game scores, we provide you with a  ‘Brain’ score that measures your brain activity while training.

You play the games while the SenzeBand measures your mental state in real-time!

Our services demonstrate the science we use in our products and put these results in the real-world environment:

NeeuroFIT is a wholesome brain training course tailored to boost your child’s brain development, increase your mental potential at work and fight the mental effects of aging.

NeeuoEDU provides a great platform for students to grow their interests in STEM, by creating a fun environment to learn, create and innovate.

NeeuroDEV extends our solution beyond laboratories by giving developers the opportunity to access affordable brainwave technology and integrate it with their own applications.

Why Choose Neeuro?

What makes our solutions so unique is that our technology is patented and it is growing at a rapid pace around its own.

Easy Choice

Our list of partners is vastly increasing and your potential for growth is enormous!

Strategic Planning

Harness the asset that you’ve built all these years as we work together with a strong network of B2B, B2C and B2G clients!

Secured Growth

Technology is driving the global market by storm and people are always finding ways to give their businesses an edge!

As your partner, we will continuously build and develop innovations to empower you to create positive impacts on the lives of your clients.

See What Our Partners Say About Us…

“I saw Neeuro and thought it was perfect, this is something we have been looking for and something we can use to help people around Australia.

We want to help and educate, we want to change their lives for the better, so I am happy working with Neeuro. Everything was really quick and smooth.”

Andrei Loginovskiy

Co-Founder, RUNSTEM

“I tested it myself, and I was really excited about the intelligence of the software, I couldn’t stop using it, it was so exciting to use it. It was much more fun than using any other solution.

We have a very close and good working relationship with Neeuro. We are very dedicated to bringing this to succeed, we have a good feeling that this is mutual.”

Harald Baums

Managing Director, Titan Commerce

“Through our partnership with Neeuro, personalized solutions for brain training through Artificial Intelligence helped our children improve their cognitive skills.

Neeuro’s brain training programs with the help of EEG is surely a revolutionary solution.”

Santosh Setty

Co-Founder, Ignite Genius Mind

“We’ve worked with schools in the past with DMIT, Quantum Speed Reading, and so on but Neeuro’s technology gives us a step further as parents are now able to see measurable results.

We encourage private companies, consultants, and other schools in India to partner with Neeuro for continuous innovation.”

Akhilesh Baitule

Director, Pragati Brain Power Improvement

By The Numbers:
The Market Potential In Digital Brain Health Is Huge!

Aside from rapid population growth, the baby boomers are huge drivers in this wave owing to an increase in delayed dementia and mental disorders.

US$ inflow in Foreign Direct Investments from the education sector in India (2000-2018)

Total number of students enrolled worldwide in primary education institutions (2014)


Average net profit margin in healthcare technology in the U.S. (2015)

Total number of global population aged 60 years or over (2017)

Investment Details

Operations Commenced: 2013
Distribution Commenced: 2016
Initial Investment: At least 10 SenzeBands (discount levels of 20% and more depending on quantity)

Partnership Details

Value Added Partner (VAP)
Investment: Number of Units and Licenses
Franchise/Brand Fee: Margin and Mark-up Model Depending on the number of units and licensing requirements
Royalty/Commission: Up to 30% depending on the requirement

Authorized Reseller (AR)
Investment: Number of Units and Licenses
Franchise/Brand Fee: Margin and Mark-up Model Depending on the number of units and licensing requirements
Royalty/Commission: Up to 30% depending on the requirement

Related Organization:
Investment: TBD
Franchise/Brand Fee: TBD
Royalty/Commission: TBD

Expansion Location Details

South America

Expansion Details

Exclusive territorial rights to a unit/curriculum licensing: Yes
Anticipated percentage return on investment: TBD
Likely payback period of capital for a unit: TBD
Other investment requirements: Depends

Property Details

Type of property preferred: Commercial or Online (For Distributors)
Preferred location: Commercial, Semi-Commercial, Residential converted to Commercial acceptable

Training Details

Detailed operating manuals: Yes
Training location: Onsite and Virtual
Is field assistance available? Yes
Expert guidance from Head Office: Yes
Current IT systems or software included? Yes

Agreement and Term Details

Do you have a standard partnership agreement? Yes
How long is the partnership term for? Minimum of 1 year
Is the term renewable? Yes

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