ADHD kids are marked with impulsivity and difficulty in being attentive in terms of physical health. Sadly, these factors may lead them to overlook their healthy behaviours and cause them to put their health at risk.

Therefore, auxiliary to therapy and medications, it is instrumental that these kids are nurtured to focus on their physical health. It could be done by executing a routine designed to keep them physically healthy.

Good physical health leads to dramatic improvements when it comes to our minds. This, with proper care, helps them attain a healthy mental state by emancipating negative emotions. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to nudge them towards improving their physical health.

How ADHD Affects Children’s Physical Health

According to a study, the altered neurological conditions due to ADHD does affect physical health.

It affects muscle strength and muscle endurance. This, in turn, affects motor functions. Also, ADHD affected individuals show the condition of obesity. Also, ADHD kids confine themselves to electronic devices rather than involving in physical activities. That means they tend to sit down for a prolonged period which further worsens obesity. So, it is imperative to find efficacious ways to boost their physical health.

ADHD Children's Physical Health

The most effective ways to maintain good physical health are Physical Activity, Nutrition and Sleep.

Engagement in Physical Activities to Support your ADHD Children’s Physical Health

ADHD kids have a lot of energy to burn. Hence, indulging them in physical activity helps them to focus all that energy healthily. It is not just great for the muscles but dramatically facilitates brain growth too. Also, it helps improve concentration, focus and decreases anxiety.

Dr. Betsy Hoza, professor of psychology at the University of Vermont and her colleagues conducted a study on how exercise affects ADHD symptoms.

The results were as they had hoped. They found that 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise had a positive impact on the kids’ mood. It particularly improved their focus and concentration. It decreased the severity of the symptoms and helped promote and improve cognitive functioning.

Engage them in sports which would be a great way to hone their focus and attention. Or indulge them in yoga which can enhance their mental state. To know more about quantifying different mental states, click here.

ADHD Children's Physical Health

Implement Nutrition Science to Support your ADHD Children’s Physical Health

“Diet is the essential key to all successful healing”Joseph Raynauld Raymond
ADHD Children's Physical Health

The key to good physical health is a nutritional diet. Scientifically, it has been proven that we are literally what we eat. There are some studies which show that consuming vitamins and minerals can reduce anti-social behaviour. Eating healthy can improve the state of mind. However, choosing the right foods can prove to be a difficult choice.

You could try various healthy choices and pick what works best for you. It is essential that you constantly monitor and manage what the child eats. Also, cut off unhealthy food, not completely but establish a stringent timeline and limit junk foods.

So, encourage the children to eat plenty of fruits, green vegetables, lean protein sources which includes beans, meat, nuts etc. Limit foods which include caffeine, sugar, simple carbohydrates etc as they will deteriorate their health.

Value Sleep Science to Support ADHD Children’s Physical Health

ADHD kids have a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes it may be due to medications. But there a lot of kids who face sleep difficulties. Studies have found that ADHD kids suffer from daytime sleepiness and 50% had signs of sleep-disordered breathing. 44% of kids even display symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Therefore, a healthy amount of sleep is essential as it enables massive improvements in a child’s physical health. It also ensures a better mental state. To ensure they get proper sleep consistently, you could follow a few techniques.

  • Set a regular sleep routine.
  • Cut off caffeine during night time.
  • Sleep in a dark environment.
  • Shut out TV, mobile at least an hour before sleep.
ADHD Children's Physical Health

As a parent, you should remember ADHD is just a medical condition. With proper interventions, you could control them to a great extent, if not eliminate them. Boosting their physical health should be one of your primary concerns. Finally, establish an effective routine that can have a positive impact on their health.

Helping Parents, Teachers and Medical Professionals Nurture their ADHD Children’s Physical Health

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ADHD Children's Physical Health

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